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About the project

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The problem

The HORECA sector – referring to hotels, restaurants, and cafes – is a highly important sector to the European economy, both in its own right and as part of other sectors such as tourism.

With this in mind, and bearing in mind the special importance of cleanliness and hygiene to this sector, it is crucial that small and microbusinesses are both aware of and able to implement proper cleanliness and hygiene standards, something that some such businesses sometimes struggle with.

When this is the case, it is often as a result of a lack of training, awareness, or skills required to maintain the expected standards. It is therefore desirable to rectify this situation in terms of both staff skills and awareness, and as a measure to support small and microbusinesses in the HORECA sector.  

The solution

Hyperclean4HORECA plans to develop an online Hygiene & Cleaning Manager Tool that will follow a training path designed to equip staff in the HORECA sector with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure compliance with national as well as EU standards and legislation, guarantee public health and safety, provide high quality services, and therefore also maximise the reputation and the revenue of their business.

This will be supported by a Hyperclean4HORECA game that will reinforce and assist with the retention of the skills and knowledge delivered through the Tool. Altogether, the Hyperclean4HORECA consortium aims to create a comprehensive package that will remedy the problems that this project aims to address.

Project objectives

The project has the following objectives:

  • To provide HORECA staff and management with an engaging and personalised approach to cleaning and hygiene in their businesses
  • To develop a course that is comprehensive in its coverage of cleaning and hygiene issues in the HORECA sector 
  • To promote skills and employability among cleaning staff and managers, as well as in the wider HORECA workforce
  • To create a community of practice for cleaners and managers in small and micro HORECA businesses, through a virtual Club, that will be able to share knowledge and broaden the reach of the game and tool