Bucovina Institute

BUCOVINA INSTITUTE it is a NGO based in Suceava in the Northern part of Romania with mission to support the sustainable development of the communities in NE Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, by establishing partnerships for learning, organising and conducting training programs and promoting continuous education.

Our Objectives:

  1. Creating programs to facilitate intercultural learning, cross-border cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of social economy and employability of vulnerable people on the labour market.
  2. Supporting young people and adults from rural areas, migrants, minorities and people with disabilities to ensure access to all forms of learning, access to the labour market and organising business start-up programs.
  3. Promoting regional and community development by conducting qualification, retraining, training, specialization, apprenticeship courses, and setting up skills assessment and certification programs with non-discriminatory access for all social categories.
  4. Organising volunteering activities for the development of work skills and thematic training to prevent trafficking in human beings, bullying and segregation of roma children and children with disabilities, in schools. 5. Providing accredited social support services for the social inclusion of people at risk of poverty.

We are authorised by Ministry of Labor a training provider and social services provider for Center for social inclusion - Community assistance services - WISE.